Human-Animal Bond Books  



The following 3 books are wonderful true accounts of the awesome power of the human-animal bond:


· “Merle’s Door”   by Ted Kerasote   ( My all time favorite autobiography of a dog/human love story)


· Sight Hound”   by Pam Houston


· “Zamba”    by Ralph Helfer



Two fictional accounts with great dog storylines:


· “One Door Away from Heaven” by Dean Koontz 

· “Seize the Night”   by Dean Koontz  ( a cool cat character is also included in this story)

(many other Dean Koontz books also have great

dog/human relationships incorporated into the storylines…)



 “We travel out of darkness into faith…”

                                Dean Koontz,    Book of Counted Sorrows


“Life is a gift that must be given back and joy should arise from it’s possession”        Dean Koontz,    Book of Counted Sorrows



“Sometimes (once in a great while) your life can change for the better in one moment of grace, almost a sort of miracle.  Something so powerful can happen, someone so special comes along, some precious understanding descends on you so unexpectedly that it just pivots you in a new direction and changes you forever.


Given time enough, all things pass away: the sky and the earth and the people caught between. We are put here to bring hope, grace and love into the lives of others.”


                  Dean Koontz,    “One Door Away From Heaven”