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Glimpses of Fred in Heaven  

       The following is an account of several things that God showed me through prayer regarding my dogchild Fred and what he is doing these days on “the Other Side”.   These revelations were given to a girlfriend of mine, Ann, on several different occasions as we prayed together, between September 06, and January 08.  When I first met this gal, we were strangers, but she had heard through the church grapevine that I was having a very difficult time coping with the grief following Fred’s passing. This stranger began praying that God would comfort me when she was shown a vision of Fred being scooped up by a pair of hands, and she knew he was a big dog, as the hands were stretched wide apart.


      When I did the unthinkable and injected the euthanasia solution into my boy’s vein I prayed over Fred and asked God to send angels to escort him to Heaven. Ann had no knowledge of this at the time, and she couldn’t have known what a comfort it would be to me to know that God had angels(?) lift Fred from my arms in that last moment.  Many months later, when Ann finally saw a photo of Fred she was startled, as she had seen his actual physical body in the vision she was given of God scooping him up into Heaven. Fred had a very unusual color pattern to his fur, and Ann did not know that this was his actual coloring she was seeing, as it is a very mottled appearance known as the time she saw him, she thought she was seeing a representation of dogs in general, so she was quite flabbergasted when she realized that she had seen Fred himself in the vision.


       That in itself would have been enough to help me through the immense grief and guilt… Guilt of a suffocating nature coming from the sense of failing him as his vet as well as not being able to protect him from the assault of illness as his dogmom.  But God in His overwhelming mercy and goodness chose to slather me with assurances over the next few months. Wow, God is so awesome.  At another point Ann was shown that Fred had stayed 4 months longer than he should have, just to continue caring for me. Ann had no knowledge of the fact that I had major surgery 4 months prior to Fred’s passing, and that I almost postponed the surgery due to how poorly Fred was doing at the time. I only consented to the procedure with the understanding that the doc would have me home with my boy by the next day. Ann also did not understand why God told her that Fred had been my caretaker, as you would commonly think of humans caring for their dogs instead. I had been dealing with a significant illness for a long period of time, and Fred indeed cared for me during this extended illness.


       At another time Ann was shown that the nerves leading to Fred’s neck and head region were damaged and moth eaten, and that he was having trouble eating because of this damage.   You must understand that I had told Ann nothing of Fred’s symptoms. Mainly because it was far too painful to discuss, but also because I didn’t wish to endanger a new friendship by constantly talking about my boy and referring to my grief.  Fred’s symptoms were strange neurologic ones that did indeed focus on his throat region and we dealt with many months of Fred not being able to eat or drink properly.


      On yet another occasion when we were praying together, Ann began telling me that she was seeing Fred in Heaven kindof shyly saying “thanks mom” for bearing the immense burden of performing the act of euthanasia myself. She said that Fred would not have been at peace if I had passed that ghastly deed off onto a colleague, and that Fred knew what a toll that act would take on me, but he was so grateful and considers me his “angel of mercy” for doing this for him.   Ann did not know that Fred was not at all a good patient when it came to medical procedures. He got to the point that even blood draws became a terror to him, and he would tremble so badly when I would draw blood here in our home I was often concerned that I would induce a heart attack in my boy. Ann had no way of knowing that Fred did not handle treatment from me or other vets with  bravery and that he was so frightened of medical procedures.


       Ann was also shown the Fred was given a royal reception when he entered Heaven, and was told “well done” for doing the job he had been assigned to do so diligently while on Earth.     Another truly neat thing Ann was shown was so peculiar she was reluctant to share this with me. Ann saw a parade of many different species of animals in Heaven. She wasn’t sure where they were going, but they were not staying in formation. She was perplexed as she saw Fred running back and forth from side to side trying to keep them in line, and he was exasperated with them and said “oh mom, these ANIMALS!!” Fred has never had  much patience, and apparently that has not changed on the Other Side.   Ann had no idea what  herding breeds do, so when I told her that herding is a specific breed trait of aussies that she was witnessing she felt relieved that she was not totally losing it! I will never watch a parade in the same way again after being given this insight.    Another time while Ann and I were praying, God revealed that Fred is a little concerned that I would “cramp his style”, as he wants me to know that he cannot be with me all the time when I get to Heaven, as he has other jobs to do there!


        During another time of prayer Ann saw Fred in the Throne Room. She said that he had been there several times, and he is one of a group of special animals that has anytime access to that special place.