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A side note to this revelation is that when I was reading Randy Alcorn’s book “Heaven” he mentions the Throne Room and animals being there. Ann has not read the book yet.   Randy discusses the passage in the Book of Revelation that describes the Living Creatures that are surrounding the Throne of God. He says the word in Greek is Zoon, which means animals, not living creatures. Randy theorizes that the translators were too shocked at the thought of “ordinary” animals even being in Heaven, let alone having access to the Throne Room so they chose to adjust the translation! In Jan of 2008 God showed Ann that some animals are given greater honor for doing their jobs well when they enter Heaven THAN SOME CHRISTIANS ARE GIVEN. She said it was clear that Fred is one of these animals…so it does not surprise me (too much) to picture him going to The Throne Room on various occasions!


       Another revelation came while we were praying together on the 17 month anniversary of losing Fred, back in August of 2007 when God showed Ann that Fred was being allowed to hear my voice for the rest of that day. Fred was sitting very erect in a certain unusual position that was very individualized to him and was stomping his feet excitement, waiting for that veil to be lifted. God said He was allowing this as it would be cathartic for me, and as a celebration of sorts of the deep bond between Fred and me. I knew for certain that this was Fred when Ann described the unusual way in which he was sitting. Boy oh boy, God really is in the details! Ann wondered why I wasn’t allowed to see Fred, and God told her it is because I am still too wounded and would want to go to Heaven too badly to remain here on earth if I was allowed to see Fred in Heaven…

       The only thing God has revealed directly to me, apart from times of prayer with Ann, is that I should quit seeking for signs of Fred here on earth, when I had asked God to take him to Heaven. The Holy Spirit very quietly and gently chided me for asking for physical manifestations of the continued existence of my darling boy.  I had entrusted Fred into God’s care so why should I be looking for signs of him remaining here on earth? That was quite an epiphany, and was given to me long before I met Ann when she told me the first revelation about God having Fred scooped up into Heaven with hands that were spread wide apart.

        God has lead me through this dark passage of grief, and although time has not eased it entirely, these revelations that God has so graciously shared with Ann on my behalf have done a lot to ease the immense degree of suffering associated with this temporary separation.  I use the sentiment  written by C.S. Lewis  in “A Grief Observed” regarding the loss of his wife for my one line synopsis regarding my loss of Fred… “ Fred’s absence, like the sky, covers everything”. I do not know if it gets easier as time passes. I have become accustomed to existing with the loss.  Even though we adopted 2 precious pups (Sydney and Clifford) from Aussie Rescue in Fred’s honor ( because Fred’s half sister Sophie was so distraught we feared we would also lose Sophie due to the grief if we didn’t give her other canine companionship), they are not with us as a replacement of our Fred. These darling pups are a blessing in my life, and a gift from God in their own right, but they do not in any way take Fred’s place in my heart.

        God has been so very merciful to me, in that He has chosen to show me these glimpses of Fred to help me deal with the grief that had so utterly paralyzed me in the months following 3-28-06.   My goal now is to honor the bond that Fred and I share by placing my trust in God that He indeed has my boy in His Hands, and all is well and I will be reunited with Fred again in God’s Kingdom one glorious day.


       I would like to explain that Ann and I did not ever actively ask God to show us specific details about Fred, or any other animal, in Heaven.

 Perhaps God did this for me because He is so compassionate, and knew that I was suffering so severely due to having performed euthanasia on my dogson, and perhaps I would not have found my way through the valley of grief without this unusual intervention? I am not certain of why God did this for me, but I am so very thankful that He did!!! 

       I  did not ask God to show me anything about my boy. I was trudging my way through the grieving process, but not managing very well. Six months into the grieving I was barely sleeping for an hour or two each night, and my health was being severely impacted by the extremity of grieving. This was solely a merciful grace that God showered on me-not anything that I was seeking or demanding of Him.

God tells us in many places in the Bible that He wants to reveal things to us, if we will only ask for His help and direction. If you read the Book of Acts in the New Testament the early Christians walked in the miraculous every day of their lives, and the “supernatural” was considered the norm.  When Christians pray to God, in the Name of Jesus,  through the power of the Holy Spirit, revelation  is often given on all manner of different topics. It is never boring to talk to God and then listen for His answers!!!


Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know… Jeremiah 33:3


For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord…to give you a future and a hope. ….Jeremiah 29:11