One way Women can help stop cruelty to horses is to refuse to use synthetic estrogen hormone replacement therapy.  If you go to the following website:    (PMUfarming Article)


You will learn about the horrendous abuse horses are subjected to by pharmaceutical companies in making synthetic estrogens.


For more information on natural hormone therapies, there are three websites and two very good books that I suggest you research:


Also check out “What your Doctor may not be telling you about Menopause”  and “What your Doctor may not be telling you about Pre-Menopause”, by John Lee, M.D.


Do yourself and horses a huge favor by educating yourself about the benefits of natural hormones.

I’m only a horse, dear Master, but my heart is warm and true,

And I’m ready to work my hardest, for the pleasure of pleasing you.


Good corn and hay and water, are all I wish to ask.

And a warm dry bed to rest on, when I’ve finished my daily task.


Make sure my harness fits me and let my head go free For then when The roads are hilly, I can put out my strength you see.


Don’t strike me in needless anger, if I’m slow to understand, But encourage my drooping spirits with a gentle

Voice and hand.


Finally O my master! When my health and strength are gone,

When I’m getting old and feeble, and my life’s long work is done.


Don’t sell me to cruel owners, to be slaved to my last breath,

But grant me the untold blessing of a quick and painless death;


That, as you have always found me a patient and loyal friend,

The years of my faithful service, may be crowned by a peaceful end;


I plead in the name of my Saviour, Who cares when the sparrows fall,

Who was born in a lowly stable, and knows, and loves us all!


Author Unknown



C.L. Galka-Agnew,  D.V.M.                      Companion Animal Care Center