Other Animal Afterlife Books




“Animals, Immortal Beings”  by Mary Buddemeyer-Porter


          This book has an in depth study of the Hebrew and Greek  Words for “spirit” and “life breath”-more detail than some people may  need, but I found it to be very informative and of great value.  This book also has chapters describing some of the greatest Christian  theologians viewpoints on animals and the afterlife.

                               She also has another book on the subject titled “Will I see Fido in  Heaven?”



“Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates”   by Gary Kurz

                                 This book is less of a study book than “Animals, Immortal Beings”,, but it is easy reading and provides comfort and understanding to those dealing with the grief process after losing an animal companion



“There is Eternal Life for Animals”


“The Rainbow Bridge: Pet Loss is Heaven’s Gain”

                             by Niki Behrikis Shanahan


          These 2 books provide a study of the original language of the Bible in regard to the words that provide assurance that Animals are spirit beings that live eternally.

Niki also shares stories of quite a few people who have been to Heaven and describe seeing animals there.



“The Divine Life of Animals”  by Ptolemy Tompkins

          Ptolemy used to be editor-in-chief of Guideposts magazine. The first part of this book is a rather in depth study of the bond between humans and animals as it is manifest in various world religions from primitive cultures to current day beliefs about the spiritual nature of animals.

            The second half of the book addresses stories of specific animals and their unique interactions with humans. The author also refers to, and quotes from, my book, “God’s Covenant with  The Animal Kingdom”, in regard to the necessity of having animals as friends in our current day society.



“Heaven”,  by Randy Alcorn,   is a very detailed book about Heaven, with 2 chapters  included about animals in Heaven.