This is the family background of The Great Dog, Frederick the Faithful.  He was the  most wonderful Australian Shepherd there ever was.  All creatures have goodness in them; but, some don't show their good attributes as easily as others.  Fred's goodness oozed out of him from the twinkle in his eye all the way to the wiggle of his feathery bottom, as he had no tail to wag.   Frederick was by far,  without question, the wisest, most courageous, most good-hearted Aussie that had ever arisen from that great and sacred lineage.   Of course, when he was just a pup these qualities were dormant as they had not as yet been developed.  He came to his guardians as a dog-child, full of wonder and bursting with bundles of love and joy to lavish on whatever family was fortunate enough to belong to him.  He immediately bonded to his humans, as both guardians treasured him from the moment they met the Great Dog Frederick.


        As he developed, he became fiercely loyal and protective of his family with a potential for ferociousness should the need ever arise.  He also lived with a magnificent Chocolate Labrador Retriever, the Splendid Samantha Jane Sassafras, who had eyes that sparkled with radiant joy or could turn soulful and somber in a moment if something saddened her.  She was a very sensitive dog and one of the gentlest creatures God had ever made.  The Great Dog Frederick guarded over her with a special love as she nurtured him  in the way of dogs when he was just a dog-child.  He also shared his home with Femur Figaro the Fabulous Feline whose splendid coat of velvet fur wrapped around him as an elegant tuxedo.  From his kittenhood, he knew what a handsome cat he was and even though he was an elder cat when Frederick was born, he was still handsome and bore a regal  aura of peaceful wisdom and purr-fect contentment. Another feline he shared his home with was  Jittery Jack  Rabbit, a jumpy, nervous type that wanted nothing more in life than to lay secure in a human's lap and purr with bliss.  He was a gorgeous long-haired white and orange cat with a fluffy tail and brilliant, blue eyes the color of robin eggs.


       The Great Dog Frederick had many other good and kind humans in his life that were various relatives of his beloved guardians. He also had delightful dog cousins with whom he romped and played  frequently.  There was Heavenly Holly, a very happy beagle mix whom Frederick developed a great puppy love crush on.  There were also two magnificent Scottish Terriers, Britton the Bold and McDuff the Mischievious, of an ancient and regal lineage as old and royal as his own. Frederick's ancestors originated in the lush valleys of the beautiful hill country deep in the heart of Spain while  the Scottish Terriers came from the British Isles -- two very ancient civilizations from different areas of our world.   Both Scotties were delightful companions and did much in educating The Great Dog Frederick when he was still a dog-child.  There were also other cat cousins - the meek and marvelous Misty, the matriarch, and Carboni the capering clown cat and Jade the Jewel with the emerald eyes.


       Many other wonderful animals had belonged to this close-knit family that The Great Dog Frederick had never known, as they had all returned to God their Maker before Fred's entrance into this world.  There was Gallant Gabriel, whose glossy ebony fur made one admire all Labradors, just for being related to him in some way or another.  There had been Sarah, the sweet Schnauzer and  Glorious Goldenberry, a mixture of unknown origins, and  Casey, the brindle Boston Terrier who was famous for her spectacular acrobatics. In addition, there was Babe, another beautiful and gentle Lab who had graced the earth with her presence.  Also Rowdy Rusty,  Superb Skipper and Twinkle-toed Teddy, the Golden Retriever and Rahja, the Regal feline. All these beloved animals who had shared their lives with the human family were deeply loved and these creatures had all cherished their humans in return.


        The Great Dog Frederick had an  awesome lineage from which he had descended, as ancient peoples regarded Aussies as dogs of the Spirit World who possessed special virtues of bravery and wisdom  bestowed upon them by God.  He also had loving humans and other magnificent animals to teach him all about the various types of love and devotion one could feel for all those who touched his life. He learned there were degrees of love and different types of love.  The love for God, the Creator of all human and animal creatures, was a love of reverence and awe.  The love between humans and animal creatures had multitudes of dimensions.  There was the love of a parent for a child, not unlike the love of animals and their guardians.  There was the love of friendship and the love experienced from afar -- a respect for beautiful, wild creatures that spoke a different language and kept to themselves.  But, the kind of love he enjoyed the most was laying between his precious guardians as both humans stroked his silky fur and admired his brilliance and beauty, knowing he was a treasure to them both, sent by God to heal their wounded souls and restore joy to their hearts once again.  This was the love of belonging and trusting one another -- the love of family, and Frederick gave a great sigh of contentment as he flourished  in the assurance of the love his family shared.







        When  The Great Dog Frederick the Faithful was still a dog-child, he had many things to learn, as life is an endless adventure in even the everyday experiences.  One fine morning as Frederick awoke from a delicious sleep, he yawned and stretched and looked toward his guardian who was still sleeping further up the bed.   He inched his way from the foot of the bed very, very slowly  so as not to awaken his beloved guardian.   He stalked her hair that flowed on the pillow.  (You must remember, he was still only a pup, a dog-child in his first year.)  As he approached the pillow, his prey moved slightly.  The game was underway!!  He pounced upon his guardian and shook her hair between his teeth in mock ferociousness.  Then, he began to give her snuffly doggy kisses in her ear and hair.  As his human awoke further, she giggled with delight and hugged The Great Dog Frederick to her side, smiling widely at the magnificent pup.  He grinned in reply and smothered her with more snuffly doggy kisses, that being his way of saying, "Let's get up and see what adventures this day has for us!"   


        They bounded out of bed and tumbled down the stairs as the Great Dog led his human to the kitchen with an ever so gentle, yet firm, hold on her wrist between his mighty jaws.  He stopped suddenly and growled as he looked out the window!!  His world had changed overnight!!  You see, Frederick lived in a  house deep in the woods much to his delight, as there

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