I would like to share a true event that occurred in November of 1999 the morning after my dear little cat had departed  from this world.


     Femur Figaro was 18 yrs old and had been my precious companion since he was a kitten. I had asked God to allow me to be with Femur when he passed, and to please not require me to intervene with euthanasia, as Femur hated needles and all veterinary procedures. It was a bittersweet blessing to be holding Femur in my arms when his heart had ceased beating, and his sprit was taken home to Heaven.


      The next morning, a Sunday, while we were standing in church my husband George had an ‘open vision’ of Femur standing on a garden pathway looking uncertain of which way to proceed. Coming from the left side of the garden George saw our dogchild Gabriel prancing up the pathway towards the bewildered Femur (Gabriel had gone Home in 1996 at the age of 14).  Gabriel walked over to meet Femur and licked him on top of his head as he had often done here on earth. Then Gabriel turned and started back down the path he had originally come from with Femur following him with excitement and energy.  The vision closed and George was seeing the ordinary church building again, and the rest of the service continued on as before the vision interrupted George’s worship time.


     Now, please understand George does not routinely have “divine visual revelations”,  and quite candidly he is the most level headed person I know.  He is a decorated Vietnam veteran and a hard working quiet man who I look upon as a hero. He is the most credible person I have ever met, and he has not had any further visions of any of the other family animals we have lost before or since that time.   He said the vision appeared before him like a huge flat screen television that blotted out the sights and sounds going on around him in the church service.  When the vision closed he described it like a curtain closing over the scene—the garden scene had simply disappeared into nothingness just as it had appeared out of “thin air” right in front of him.


     There are many other people who have documented accounts of seeing their animal companions in Heaven.  I recently saw a man on Christian TV give an account of an out of body experience where he was briefly taken to Heaven in 1991…he was walking through a beautiful meadow, and his golden retriever, who had died 2 years earlier, came bounding up to him and they had a joyful reunion. The man was able to both understand and communicate with his dog, as the dog asked him where the rest of the family was.

A Heavenly Vision, the Welcoming of Femur Figaro