were always adventures to be had in the woods.  This change perplexed the dog-child as his world was now blanketed in white!  He tentatively approached   the doorway to the outside world, looking at his guardian to see whether she was un-nerved also.  She only smiled knowingly and hugged Frederick to her, whispering assurances in his ears while gently kissing his fuzzy head.  They walked out into the unknown together and Frederick jumped in surprise when his paws first sank into the whiteness.  After a few moments, the Great Dog felt the courage rising from deep within himself; he leaped after his human and gave himself up to the whiteness completely.  It was cold, and wet, and crunched under his paws.  He sniffed the substance and burrowed his nose into it as his human laughed at his antics.   She told Frederick that this was the Winter-World and the whiteness was called Snow.   She assured Fred that he would see many seasons of it in his lifetime.


        His human began to gather the snow into a mound and Frederick decided it was a fun experience and began his play.  He ran and ran, kicking up snow everywhere.  Then, he leapt into the great piles of it, coming up covered with the snow, shaking it off in great glee.  He then set to the task of assisting his guardian as she indicated that she wished for them to make great balls of snow.  He used his massive head to push the snow together and his human packed the snow into the great balls.  She then put them on top of each other and explained to the Great Dog that these were known as Snowmen   and  Snow-Dogs.  They were both happily tired when they completed the task.  They looked at their creations glittering in the winter sunshine with great joy.  They made their way back  into the house where his person prepared hot chocolate while the Great Dog lounged by the fireplace, his silky fur becoming wet as the snow melted from the warmth of the fire.  The Great Dog looked at his guardian with joyful anticipation as she gave him the remainder of the hot chocolate.  He lapped it up in the solemn ritual that had developed between them -- the daily occurrence of sharing the morning beverage.  After this rite was completed, the Great Dog and his human exchanged loving gazes. 


         Frederick sighed with contentment as he returned to the warmth of the hearth, feeling himself to be the luckiest dog-child in the world.  The woman sighed a sigh of pure joy, thinking how fortunate she was to have been chosen to be the guardian of this great and good beast who was known at that time of his young life as "Frederick the Funny Face."  In later years when he had reached maturity, he left that title behind and was known ever after as The Great Dog Frederick the Faithful  and lived many years and grew wise and magnificent and shared many noble adventures with the humans he had come to cherish and adore. 


       His person chronicled the tales of his mighty exploits over the years to come so that all humans everywhere (especially children) would learn that there are great and special creatures in this world just waiting to share adventures with any human that would be  willing to believe in the goodness and beauty of the animals around them.


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